USB Headset Problem Resolutions

USB Headset

If the headset for your dialer is not working or you get a headset error message such as “Cannot access Input/Mic device or device is already in use”, try the resolutions below, one at a time, until your problem is resolved.

Resolution 1: With your headset plugged into one of your PC’s USB ports, check to make sure the headset is set up in the “SOUND” setting of the computer as the DEFAULT device.

Resolution 2: If you have Volume Control and/or Mute buttons, make sure the Volume is up and the Mute button is off.

Resolution 3: Change USB ports.

Resolution 4: Go to the headset manufacturer’s website and download and update their drivers on your PC. Then re-boot your PC with the headset plugged in.

Resolution 5: (This should only be done by an experienced computer user.) Open Control Panel, click the Device Manager, click on the USB device, click uninstall or you can try updating the drivers. If you uninstall the driver, you will need to re-boot the PC so the Operating System can find the device during the re-boot and install the driver that came with the Operating System.

Resolution 6: Buy another brand or model of headset. The headset may be defective or your computer may just not be compatible with that brand.