Local DID Numbers

Local Area Code Caller ID service is described below for EVS’ dialer customers:

You may request telephone numbers with the US or Canadian area codes of your choice.
You can then enter any one of them (and change as needed) into the Caller ID field of your dialer so that number will be displayed to the people you are calling.
(Our customers often use this service to show “local presence” when calling selected areas.)

Pricing Per Month for Local Area Code Telephone Numbers:

Cost Number of Local Phone Numbers
Free 1
$10 2 to 5
$25 6 to 15
$50 16 to 25
$75 26 to 50
$100 51 to 100
Inquire Over 100


To order, please fill in your information below, then click Send:

List all of the 3-digit US or Canadian Area Codes you want (separate them by a comma)