Speedy Dialer Pro – Devlopers Page



Use our Took Kit to develop your own applications for use with Speedy Dialer

NEW!!! Use Speedy Dialer now in Macintosh or Linux by creating your own application using XOJO (formerly REALbasic). For more information visit: http://www.xojo.com

Speedy Dialer is an external telephony board. Software can be developed allowing SD to be used in Linux, Macintosh or Windows based PC’s.

Software developers can use languages such as: C++, C#, FoxPro, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic, and DOS and is a good alternative for VBVoice Pronexus.

Also supported is: ASP, Php, HTML

The Speedy Dialer hardware supports standard Hayes AT commands to make it user friendly for the novice programmer. This allows the programmer to develop powerful CT (computer telephony) applications. The Speedy Dialer is not a TAPI device or modem. Knowledge of TAPI is not necessary.

The Speedy Dialer comes in the shown enclosure, but is optional and the device can be mounted in a different configuration.

Speedy Dialer is programmed using the Microsoft common control or a Speedy Dialer ActiveX (OCX) tool is included.

Our developers toolkit contains example source code for the above languages. These are downloadable for free here.

Development consulting is available, please call 972-847-0625 for details.

Call 800-713-8353 for volume pricing on Speedy Dialer Pro!