Cheetah – Windows 8 64 Bit Driver Install

Error Message: The third party INF does not contain digital signature information
If you receive this error message above while attempting to install the Speedy Dialer Pro onto your Windows 8 computer use the steps below to disable the Windows 8 driver signature enforcement so you can install the driver.

Step 1

Step 1:
Move your cursor to the right of the screen to access the Charm Bar and choose: Settings
Step 2

Step 2:
Choose: Power
Step 3

Step 3:
While holding the Shift key down on your keyboard click: Update and restart (if Update and restart isn’t an option, just choose Restart)
Step 4

Step 4:
Select: Troubleshoot
Step 5

Step 5:
Choose: Advanced Options
Step 6

Step 6:
Select: Startup Settings
Step 7

Step 7:
Choose: Restart
Step 8

Step 8:
In this next screen; using your keyboard choose number 7) Disable driver signature enforcement and the computer will begin to restart.
Step 9

Step 9:
Once the computer finishes rebooting, you should now be able to install the driver for Speedy Dialer Pro.