Cheetah – How to Fix Com Port Error

COM Port Error Message
If you receive this error message while attempting to dial using the Cheetah software, use the steps below to set the Com Port to the correct one.

Step 1:
Click OK to dismiss the error message above. Next, click the Device Manger button on the System Settings tab. (Alternately you can open the Device Manger by going into Windows Control Panel and clicking on System, then clicking on Device Manager in the left side panel.)
Step 1

Step 2:
In the Windows Device Manager Double-click on Ports (COM & LPT) to expand that section. The Speedy Dialer should be listed as USB SpeedyDialer (COM#)The # sign will be a number, and that number is the port that the Speedy Dialer is using; make note of this number and close the Device Manager. For the Cheetah software to see and work with the Speedy Dialer you have to make sure that the port number listed in the Cheetah software is the same as the port number in the Device Manager. In this example the Speedy Dialer is on Com 4.
Step 2

Step 3:
Back in the Cheetah Software in System Settings click in the field next to Com Port and type in the number that matches the Com Port number in the Device Manager in Step 2 (4 in this example). Next click Save Changes and Close.
Step 3

Step 4:
The Cheetah Software should go back to the main dialing page and say Online. Before dialing close out of the Cheetah Software completely and re-open it.
Step 3